“The Session of First Presbyterian Church of Roanoke Rapids affirms that every human being is created in the image of God, and therefore carries the inherent value and dignity of God’s design. We affirm that the variety of human cultures on earth is a beautiful expression of God’s love for diversity. We affirm that Jesus Christ was crucified and resurrected not only to offer humankind the gift of eternal life, but also to shatter every division—social, political, economic, or racial—which would separate us. We affirm that God’s consummated Kingdom will be a place of rich diversity and cultural expression.  We affirm that the church is called to be a community that reflects that present and future Kingdom.


WE REJECT the ideology of white supremacy, including antisemitism, as an unqualified evil, a denunciation of the gospel, and a heresy which wars against God’s design for human culture and creation. We reject the notion that white people, or any collection of humans of any culture, are superior to any other. We reject any ideology that seeks to erect or maintain divisions that God has torn down through Jesus Christ. We reject the efforts to place the good of one race or one nation above the good of all, for God desires all people to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth.


WE RESOLVE to preach, teach, and advocate against the sins of racism. We resolve to lead in the way of love, and to seek ways to heal the divisions that separate races and cultures in our community. We resolve to listen to those who have been wounded and dehumanized by racism. We resolve to pray fervently for God’s healing and reconciliation. We resolve to help our church become more hospitable and welcoming communities to diverse people.


Finally, we resolve to pursue Jesus Christ’s perfect standard of equality, justice, and love in our church, city, and country.”


Adapted from the August 21, 2017, “From Metro Richmond Pastors and Ministry Leaders: A Statement of Unity” https://www.richmondpastorsstatement.org/