The session of our church has decided to live stream virtual services over the web on Sundays at 11:00 am until further notice.  Because Facebook allows public viewing of live streams without an account, the church will use Facebook exclusively as a streaming platform.  The church’s Facebook page is “Fpc Roanoke Rapids.”  If you do not have a Facebook account and wish to watch our service, use the link below: 

Worship service video stream. 

A link to this Sunday’s worship bulletin is below:

  Worship Bulletin for November 22, 2020

Previous services may be viewed on the church’s Facebook page as well.  Therefore an archives of the services will no longer be maintained on this site.  In case you missed it.   A link to the previous service is below:

Video of November 15, 2020 worship service 

A link to the bulletin for the previous service is below:

 Worship Bulletin for November 15, 2020

A few announcements:

• The preschool will not open this fall.  Although there is a possibility that it will open later this year, or early next year.
• The church office will be closed until further notice.
• WeightWatchers will meet virtually until further notice.

The pastor and his administrative assistant will be working remotely and are reachable by telephone.
The pastor’s cell phone number is 336-420-0388. Use this number for voice and texts. If you are using a land line and don’t want to pay a long-distance charge use 252-676-9857. This number is good for voice only. The pastor’s administrative assistant is reachable at her home number. It is 252-586-1818. Please use these numbers if you need things and are not sure how to get them, are needful of a ride to a doctor appointment, or just need to talk. We will do our best to help.