Denise Hackenburg – Choir Director

Denise has been our choir director since 1990.  Denise has a bachelor’s degree in Music Education and a master’s degree in Music from East Carolina University.  She is currently the director of choirs at Roanoke Rapids High School.  Her ensembles regularly receive superior ratings at festivals.  She is married to husband Gary and is the mother of Jacob.  We are blessed to have Denise lead our choir.  Her contributions regularly make worship an inspiring and beautiful experience.

Charles Harris – Organist

Charles has been our organist since 2004.  Charles is a native of the area.  He grew up in Enfield (just 20 miles south of Roanoke Rapids).  He is also an architect, having received his training at the North Carolina State University School of Design.  But before Charles pursued his love of structures he chose to be a church musician.  As a child he was fascinated by the organ at his church and has dedicated most of his life to playing and working on these wonderful instruments.  Charles has several antique reed organs in his house which he is able to repair and maintain himself.  For several years Charles worked as an organ technician while he played organ on Sunday mornings at various churches.  Charles will often be found up in the organ chamber of the organ at First Presbyterian tuning a stop or fixing a stuck valve.  Charles’ passion for the organ and church music becomes evident each Sunday as he selects music appropriate to the day and the preacher’s message.  Charles’ other passion is his home which is an early 19th century plantation home that he reconstructed himself.

Joe Sandoval – Pastor






Joe has been pastor of our church since 2010.  He is a third career pastor having been a computer software engineer for thirteen years before becoming a minister of the Word and Sacrament, and a teacher for four years before that.  Joe received his Master of Divinity at Union Presbyterian Seminary at Charlotte and is currently working to complete his Doctorate of Ministry at Duke Divinity School.  Joe is a trained classical singer who loves church music and particularly enjoys choral singing.  Joe also uses his experiences as a teacher and computer person in his ministry, teaching Bible Study and Sunday School classes and fixing problems with the church’s technology.  Joe is married to his wonderful wife Nancy (pictured).  Joe also enjoys working with his hands on wood projects and sometimes on his truck.



Tammy Spragins – Church Administrative Assistant

Tammy is the newest addition to the church staff.  She started working with us in 2014.  In addition to setting up the bulletins and composing the church’s newsletter, Tammy is the church’s receipts treasurer and pays the church’s bills.  She also keeps track of the church’s calendar and manages all the things that the rest of the staff and committee moderators heap upon her.   The list of tasks that Tammy takes on for the church seems to grow with time but she handles it all with a cheerful, can-do attitude.  Miracles happen everyday that Tammy Spragins sits at her desk at First Presbyterian Church.  Tammy is pictured with her husband Wally.  They have two children and three grandchildren.