Healing Friends & Families of the Church

Clark Chase, grandson of Bobbie Scott                                    

Priscilla and Linwood Ricks

Bill Howell

Glenn & Gayle Garner, @ Meals on Wheels                                                       

Sally Ray Warren                                        

Sheryl and Wayne O’Neil

Ken and Holly Phipps & family

Kevin and Michael

Doug Hayes

Gilbert Portela

Linda Ray, Pancreatic cancer

David and LaNae Grimes

Ara Griffin


Chris Dildy

Sandra Stephenson

Jane Love’s sister, Quincy Warner and brother- in-law, Steve, surgery for Quincy  and

  Kristin Warner, daughter in law, dealing with surgery and cancer with two kids

Colby Kea, teenager suffering from depression

Joe West

Margo Allen

Cecil Faison

Marie Anderson

Mary Francis Fisher

Michelle Moseley

Harrison West, son of Kent and Carol West, child dying with cancer from Halifax Academy


On-Going Care

Jim & Margo Allen

Harry Bright

Bobbie Bright

Sandy Sandoval

All people who provide on-going care

Special Prayers

  • We pray for the children of Aurelian Springs  Elementary and Clara Hearne Preschool and our ministry to them.
  • Stanley White and Littleton Churches
  • Carter Roux will be kept safe while teaching in South Korea
  • Jeff and Diana Dillard


Concerns Outside of our Community

  • SYRIA and YEMEN, civil war
  • SOMALIA, drought, famine, anarchy
  • EGYPT and LIBYA with political unrest
  • ISRAEL, PALESTINE, GAZA peaceful coexistence
  • IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, security
  • USA, war in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan
  • NIGERIA, the approximately 100 abducted Chibok school girls
  • Syrian Refugees
  • Ukrainian people victimized by foreign aggression
  • Survivors, families and friends of all types of violence
  • The people of the Democratic Republic of Congo as they struggle with an Ebola outbreak