Healing Friends & Families of the Church

Priscilla Ricks

Bill Howell

Glenn & Gayle Garner, @ Meals on Wheels

Sally Ray & G.C. Warren

Sheryl and Wayne O’Neil

Doug Hayes

Debbie Allen

Frank Lonesky

Sandra Stephenson

B.T. Brown

Jeff Peedin

Roger Fuester

Linda Ray

Jeff Gibson

Doug Thompson

James Spragins

Darlene Kassner

Nancy Elias

Rev. Mitzi Lesher-Thomas

Jeff Williams

Reid Hinson

John Shives

Victims of the war in Ukraine

Lou Ann Clarke

Victims of Hurricane Ian

Kelly Small

Michael Shelby

Bill Graham

Ellie Parker

Diane Dillard, upon the death of her mother, Marilyn Hinson

Grace Fishel c/o Fountains of the Albemarle, 200 Trade St., Tarboro, NC 27886

Sandy Sandoval

If you have someone that needs to be on the prayer list or someone that needs to come off, please contact Susan Gaylor at sdgaylor@embarqmail.com or call her at 252-678-4228.