Prayers for Healing of Friends & Families of the Church

Debbie Allen

Marie Anderson

Margaret Biggs 

Donna Marie Boles (mother of Elliott Boles)

Elliott Boles (Marie Anderson’s grandson … leaving for Syria)

B.T. Brown

Robin Gupton Clay

Lee Cranford

Carol Crawford

Carolyn Crawford

David Dean

Nancy Elias

Grace Fishel

Roger Fuester

Glenn & Gayle Garner (Meals On Wheels)

Bill Graham

Doug Hayes

Bev Hummel

Janet & Simmie Isles

Clinton Kiger

Vonnie & Bill Kiger (Jack Kiger’s parents)

Rev. Mitzi Lesher-Thomas

Tony Martin, Jr.

Martha McCracken

Sheryl O’Neil

Kim Owens (Noreen’s sister)

Sue Owens

Ellie Parker

Bob & Lisa Patterson

Ken & Holly Phipps & Family

Kenny Phipps, Jr.

Kevin Phipps & Michael Warner

Linda Ray

Stephanie Rivers

Sandy Sandoval

Matt Savage

Michael Shelby

Cindy Sherrel

Billy Small

James Spragins

Maddie Stauffer

Vickie Small Villani

G.C. Warren

Martha Waring

Ken & Carol Whetzel

Jeanie White

The Covington Family

The Family, Friends & Loved Ones of Frank Lanesky who passed away on 04.02.24

The Family, Friends & Loved Ones of George McCracken (Mary Shelby’s brother) who passed away on 04.12.24.


World Concerns ~

Governmental leadership

Soldiers serving our country

The Homeless

Those affected by natural disasters

Victims of senseless gun violence

Victims of war in Ukraine / Israel / Palestine



If you have someone that needs to be on the prayer list or someone that needs to come off, please contact either Susan Gaylor at or call/text her at 252.678.4228 or Danny Phipps at or call/text him at 252-301.0279. Thank you and God Bless.